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Stress & Anxiety

There are some interesting theories around why hands on therapy can help reduce stress and anxiety, but all have been a bit difficult to prove. But anecdotally, there seems to be an increase in parasympathetic response (rest, digest and replenish part of the nervous system) which helps to de-facilitate the nervous system in general.


We live in a very "go go" world, which is sympathetically driven (the fight, flight and freeze part of the nervous system) where the constant demands for our attention are quite overwhelming. The other element that is interesting, is that your body can't distinguish between overwhelm from too many emails, fright because you got rear ended or there is a tiger trying to attack you - it is all a threat that warrants vigilance.  Treatment often allows a space for that "noise" to settle down, and to allow the body to reset. There is space to breathe properly, and feel safe (there are no tigers or crazy drivers and phones are on silent).

Over time, (or as a result of a traumatic event) stress and anxiety takes its toll on our resilience and health (mental and physical).

Booking an appointment with your osteopath is a good idea if you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, as osteopathic treatments can help to ease the effects of stress on your body and calm your nervous system. 

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