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If you are feeling unwell and experiencing cold or flu symptoms such as cough, fever, sore throat, head cold (runny nose, sneezing) please reschedule your appointment. There are many patients that visit Whakatāne Osteopaths and Debod House - mums, babies, the elderly, and immune compromised - so your consideration for others is greatly appreciated. Thank you! 


Mondays: 9am - 5pm

Tuesdays: CLOSED

Wednesdays: CLOSED

Thursdays: 9am - 5pm

Fridays: 12noon - 5pm

Please note, due to limited availability there is often a wait for appointments. If you would like to go on the cancellation list please indicate at time of booking. Thank you. 

Fees Schedule


Initial Consultation - 60 minutes

$140  | $70 (ACC)

Follow up Consultation - 45 minutes

$90  | $50 (ACC)

Babies and children under 14 


Prices correct as at 18 February 2022


Please provide at least 12 hours to change or cancel your appointment. Late cancellations or no shows will incur a fee. 

Initial Consultation

New patients require a longer initial appointment, as more information is required. A detailed case history is taken to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the patient's complaint and other influencing factors. This can include: a general medical history; previous accidents, trauma or hospitalisations; an understanding of stressors in your life and current self care practices.

It is important to examine the area of discomfort properly, so please wear clothing that you can move easily in such as shorts or leggings and a singlet top. Once a diagnosis has been made, treatment options and your expectations will be discussed. If osteopathy is not appropriate for you, or you need different health care, you will be referred on to the appropriate practitioner.

ACC Treatments

If your visit is the result of an accident or injury, then your appointment maybe subsidised. You can fill out ACC forms with us, you do not need a referral from another health provider.


ACC states the definition of an accident to be “a specific incident, event or series of events which causes injury to a person.” The aim of ACC is to help people get back on their feet by offering subsidised treatment options and other support services depending on the severity of the injury.


For more information on what is covered or not covered, please see the ACC website

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