About LeeAnn

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Special Interests

Sports Injuries

Pregnancy & Postpartum care


Digestive Wellness

Cranial Osteopathy

Mind Body Medicine

I am a Whakatane raised, New Zealand trained osteopath with over eight years of clinical experience. After studying for five years at university to complete a Master of Osteopathy I have continued to hone my skills and increase my knowledge of the human body and how all its components influence each other.

The most satisfying part of my job is being able to help people who are living with pain or discomfort to live more comfortably in their body. 


What I love about osteopathy is that it takes a holistic approach to a person's health taking into account mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well as physical symptoms. Osteopaths are trained to assess and understand the human body - how the different parts interact, what tissue/s are causing pain or discomfort, when further input from other professions is needed, and how the symptoms fit within the person's overall health. This well rounded approach often provides outstanding results for patients who suffer from both new and long standing complaints. 

I enjoy treating a range of patients from babies and pregnant ladies to the elderly; farmers and tradies to office workers; competitive sports people to weekend warriors. I provide a variety of techniques that can be gentle or more firm depending on what the body needs to create change. 


I am dedicated to professional development, and love learning more about the human body and health related topics in general. Since graduating I have completed a broad range of courses including visceral treatment (working with organs such as the liver, stomach, intestines, bladder, uterus etc), cranial osteopathy, paediatrics, pregnancy (including spinning babies) and kinesiotaping. I have a particular interest in women's health (pre and post birth) and mind-body medicine. 


When I'm not practicing osteopathy, I can be found enjoying time with my partner Taylor and our son Lochlan; outside at the beach or in the bush; pottering in the garden or playing in the kitchen.  I am also partial to good conversation, good food and a glass of vino – life is about balance after all.