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Sports Injuries

Are you an athlete or enthusiastic about fitness? 👀💪

Osteopaths undergo extensive training in understanding the musculoskeletal framework, and how body alignment and muscle fatigue can contribute to injuries 💢.

Osteopathy can play a huge part in your recovery by speeding up the healing process and relieving stresses and strains from injury trauma. We not only get you feeling better quicker, but can help prevent injuries further down the track! 👍

🏌️‍♂️ Common sporting injuries include: muscle strains, ankle sprains, shin splints, runner's knee and patellar tracking, plantar fasciaitis, hamstring and achilles tendinopathies, tennis or golfer's elbow, shoulder injuries, whiplash injuries, concussion.... the list goes on! Whatever your injury, your Osteopath can help you 👐

👉 Find your local Osteopath, and ask them how they can help you with YOUR sporting injury!

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