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Babies & Children

It truly is a miraculous sight to behold a new life coming into the world and changing at rapid speed before our very eyes. In a moment your precious little baby has turned into a fully grown teenager and we are left wondering where all that time went! 💨👣

As they are out there experiencing the world, osteopaths are on hand to treat any knocks and falls as well as developmental issues that can carry through to later life. 🤸‍♀️🦋

Babies can benefit from gentle treatment to alleviate discomfort shown in the form of unsettledness, poor sleeping, feeding, digestive issues or colic. This is often as a result of strains and pressures having occurred during pregnancy and birth. 🤱

It brings us such joy to help you and your family, especially when the little ones come in to play! ❤️

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